Aesthetic Pruning Services

The art of sculptural pruning to affect positive change in form to existing shrubs, hedges, and ornamental trees.

Aesthetic pruning helps you build a deeper appreciation of the plants that form your garden’s backbone. This practice not only helps to highlight the seasonal floral changes but also provides an opportunity to find joy in your garden every day. Aesthetic pruning also makes plants more sustainable in confined spaces by balancing the vigor of the plant.

Aesthetic pruning almost exclusively uses hand tools to avoid the die-back, burn, and harsh lines created by motorized pruning tools. Our pruning leaders and most of our pruning staff have degrees in higher education and a background in art. The techniques of aesthetic pruning can be applied in any garden, and our team is ready to help you create the garden of your dreams.

We specialize in the following:

– Boxwood Cloud Pruning
– Japanese Maples
– Espaliers
– Japanese Gardens
– Azalea Cloud Pruning
– Extant Staff Training

When will my garden take shape?

With aesthetic pruning, some parts of your garden may require a growing season to regain vigor before we can begin work on improving form. Our team provides organic fertility programs and beneficial organism releases/inoculations upon request.

How often will I need this done?

Most gardens require attention 2-5 times a year. If you have espaliers and/or rose gardens, it may require more frequent upkeep. We do have rose programs available, including ladder work for climbers.