July 12th and 13th: 2014 Southeastern Regional Bonsai Expo

For a number of years, the Nashville Bonsai Society has held the Southeastern Regional Bonsai Expo at Cheekwood Botanical Gardens and Museum in Nashville, TN.  Barbara Bogan and the late Mike Blanton built this show up to its current level of attendance and reputation.  It is my great pleasure to assist in the continuation of this summer event.  If you’re with-in striking distance, we’d love for you to attend.

Here is a list of things you can use to con- I mean encourage- significant others not suitable to water your bonsai to come to Nashville:

Cheekwood Events That Weekend

A Bunch of Other Stuff


Collected Bald Cypress Killer Ponderosa DSC_0831DSC_0882


This year, the exhibition will have a number of excellent displays.  The bonsai and kusamono professionals this year will be Jim Doyle of Nature’s Way, Kusamono Artist Young Choe, and yours truly (Owen Reich).  This year, space will be set aside for displays where kusamono are the main display element to promote this creative form of expression to a wider audience.

Vendor Area

A number of vendors will be at the event this year:

    American Bonsai Society

                               International Bonsai Arboretum

                                                                                          Nature’s Way

Bonsai Unearthed           Turnbull Creek Bonsai               Lynnwood Gardens            Cedarbog Bonsai             Fedducia’s Bonsai                 MC Squared Ceramics

            New World Horticulture                    Glass Art by Jacob                         Bellota Enterprises (Cermics Artist Paul Kattich)             Kusa Farm              


Here’s a video or two of last year’s exhibition.

This year the show will be naturally lit.  Awards will be in the form of glass bonsai art, custom made prints, and a special piece of calligraphy by Young Choe for the Kusamono Award.  Continuing the tradition started last year, an award will be given for the best native plant bonsai in honor of the late Mike Blanton.

These workshops and demonstrations will be held at the exhibition:

Jim Doyle –  Collected Engleman Spruce Workshop

Young Choe – Moss Ball Workshop and Kusamono for Bonsai Display Workshop

Owen Reich – Bonsai Refinement Workshop (BYOT)

Please contact me via the comments section of this post if you’d like to exhibit a bonsai, kusamono, or reserve a place in a workshop.

The oh-so-important critique will be in two parts.  Young will provide insight into the kusamono at the exhibition while Jim Doyle will critique the bonsai and overall displays.



I’ve kept the photo count down but will post some of the event AFTER it is over.  I hope to see you in Nashville, TN July 11th-13th!