Winter Silhouette Exhibition Coming Up: Dec 6-7th 2014

The exhibition in Kannapolis is just around the corner.  As an update to the previous post on the matter, here is some new information:

There will be 29 tables of exhibits, with artists coming from New York, Florida, Tennessee, Virginia, Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina.

9 vendors including International Bonsai, Bonsai Learning Center, Adams Bonsai, Autumn Moon Studios (pots), Ashpots, and Bonsai Unearthed (Owen Reich) Mark Comstock, Ken Buchele, and Torrey Pocock will be present for all your holiday season rationalized purchases.  I’ll be bringing three tables worth of collected material, refined bonsai, and some nice display elements from Japan.

It is worth the trip for sure to attend this event.  It is my sincere hope that Winter bonsai exhibitions continue to occur like the Knoxville Bonsai Society exhibition and the ever so classy one about to occur.  See you there!





The Second Annual Winter Silhouette Bonsai Expo will be held in Kannapolis, North Carolina the first weekend in December.

The link HERE lays out all the fine details and has photos and a video of last year’s event.  This year promises to be even better.  Winter exhibitions are unfortunately not common on the East Coast of America.  William N. Valavanis will be the guest artist again this year.  While the venue is far from the norm, I feel it helps show bonsai in a better light; literally.

Some photos from last year’s exhibition below (all courtesy of William N. Valavanis).

Again, here is a link to the website for all exhibition submissions, directions, photo gallery, and schedule:  Exhibition Web Site

 I invite you all to attend this wonderfully well executed event.

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