Blog Update


Thank you for bearing with me as I learn to navigate the process of creating and upgrading my blog.  Now, all the photo galleries I’ve uploaded have a slide-show feature and a number of other issues have been resolved; an issue yet to be addressed is the frequency of posting here.  This will be taken care of starting next month when I return to Japan to continue my studies for November and December.  I’ll be helping my teacher prepare for the Taikan-ten in Kyoto and style bonsai.  Now that there are six, count them 6 apprentices at Kouka-en, I don’t have to sweep any more!!!  Little do my Kohai know what is in store for them……  How do you say hazing in Japanese?

As another year ends another opportunity to learn more about bonsai in The Far East begins, my thoughts have been mainly on the experiences as a traveling bonsai professional.  I’ve learned so much this year working with private collection owners and members of bonsai organizations.  How do we improve the bonsai in America?  A site I’ve been working on for about a year is going to launch around Christmas of 2013 to assist in the effort called Bonsai Connect.  Thanks to everyone who has enlisted my services and hosted me in 2013.  If you have already committed to study groups with me for 2014, I look forward to working with you.




In an upcoming post, I’ll share a recent trip to nerd it up collecting kusamono plants and a few trees at around 9000 feet in Colorado.