styled bonsai


Set the framework of rough stock. Re-style a bonsai that needs a new direction. Enhance the quality of your tree to show-ready. Whatever styling goals you have, I’m ready to maximize your tree’s potential.

Aftercare & Long-Term Planning

So, what now? Aftercare and a clear plan of action are crucial to sustaining your bonsai. I’ll provide you with the guidance you need while laying out a plan for the coming months.


Exhibition Prep

Bonsai exhibition comes with a high degree of responsibility. It’s an opportunity to showcase the culmination of your efforts, promote the art form, and share your passion with the public. Presenting your tree in the best light possible is critical. Whether you’re searching for the perfect kusamono for a display or need assistance with final prep work on your tree, I can utilize my network and experience to help your tree become a showstopper

Owen Reich presenter


Through my years in Japan and career in the horticulture world, I’ve gained a wealth of experiences and insights that can be crafted into unique bonsai presentations. I bring a secret weapon that may help you get closer to your goals: a passion for Asian flora, and a deep understanding of propagating and caring for less common bonsai specimen. I also have a number of presentations prepared on different species and styles of bonsai that I had the privilege of photographing and studying.

aesthetic pruningHousehold – NEW!

Aesthetic Pruning

Aesthetic pruning utilizes Japanese pruning techniques on small trees and shrubs in their setting to create a visually stunning display that stays true to the plants’ essence. Your garden’s health will benefit through this routine, strategic pruning designed with an emphasis on beauty.

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